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The 1880's brought about tremendous growth in Fresno making it necessary for the establishment of the city’s first high school.  In 1889, Fresno High School was organized and opened in the Fall to serve all high school-age young people in the Fresno Area. 

On September 16, 1889, the first classes totaling 50 students with three teachers were held in the second story of the K Street School.  This site became unsafe and classes were moved for 6 weeks to the Old Congregational Church.  Repairs made it possible to return to the K Street building for a short time.  A second condemnation made another move mandatory to a combination bathhouse and store building at the corner of N and Mariposa Streets.  Finally, a temporary structure was erected on the present site of the Memorial Auditorium to house classes. 

As enrollment increased, a permanent campus was constructed at O Street between Stanislaus and Tuolumne Streets t a cost of $53,000.  The brick high school building with it’s impressive clock tower was opened for classes on September 12, 1896.  By 1915, the O Street campus  was declared overcrowded and a new site for Fresno High was selected on Echo Avenue.  The three classical style buildings, Royce Hall, Palmer Hall and LeConte Hall, met the needs of the school’s increasing population.  Fresno High School moved to the new campus in the Fall of 1921. 

By the late 1960's, plans were again being formulated for the expansion of the Echo Avenue campus.  During the 1971-72 school year, Palmer and LeConte Halls, the gymnasium and the north and south wings of Royce Hall were demolished because they did not meet earthquake standards.  The south side of the campus was expanded to McKinley Avenue by the acquisition of two blocks of homes.  While the two new single story replacement buildings were being constructed, Fresno High students attended the McLane High School campus during the afternoon session.  In the Fall of 1972, students returned to the new Fresno High north and south buildings and the remodeled Royce Hall.

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