FHS Clubs & Organizations

1925 Heebie Jeebies
Again, we have an organization with no specific purpose or function indicated in the yearbook. It wa...
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1925 Nature Club
The Nature Club gathered to discuss and debate topics on nature, music and readings. They also went ...
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1925 Ring and Mat Club
There is no clear description of what the purpose or definition of this organization was, but it app...
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1925 Girl's Glee Club
This group of fine ladies was only started in 1924 and already had some ninety members. It was under...
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1925 Boys' Glee Club
Under the direction of Mr. MItchell P. Briggs, interest in the choral group grew to 60 members this ...
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1925 High School Band
1925 was the sixth year of existance for the FHS Band. It was under the direction of Fred C. Brohas...
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1925 Agora
The Greek word Agora means a place of exchange or meeting place. It was there , the merchants and t...
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1925 Hypatias
1925 Senate
By 1925, the Fresno High Senate was over 30 years old and one of the oldest organizations in the are...
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1925 Press Club
These fine young people daily place the Fresno High School news into a column appearing in the Fresn...
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1925 Honor Scholarship Society
FHS's Chapter 45 of the California Scholarship Federation was organized in 1922. It has grown with e...
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1922 "F" Club
1922 Press Club
There was no school newspaper published this year. Thanks to the courtesy and generosity of the Fres...
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