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Campus Assistant's
by Grace Espitia (Class of: 1997)
Thanks to ALL the CA's that I can remember of which include, Ron Flowers, Kurt Smoot, Donnie Johns...
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Late for 1st day of freshman wood shop.
by Ernest E. Shipman (Class of: 1966)
On my very first day at school, I was frantically hunting all over the place to find my wood sh...
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Fun times at fresno high.
by Troy Wartman (Class of: 1992)
Remembering my VW bus, Chris's bug. All the good time spent at lunch , the handball "People" All the...
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by Ernie Espitia (Class of: 2005)
I remember when I was a sophomore, our beloved Royce Hall caught on fire. It started in the morning ...
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FHS Walk of Fame
by Howard Zinn (Class of: 2008)
The FHS Walk of fame, located in front of Royce hall was designed and installed by Howard Zinn (The ...
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So Many Wonderful Memories
by Jackie Haworth Hill (Class of: 1957)
I have so many wonderful memories of my years at Fresno High. Beginning spending my 9th grade there ...
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Friends and Lunch
by Alice Wilkinson-Monk (Class of: 1986)
I remember hanging out in the front of the school with my friends at lunch time. We had a lot of go...
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Oliver Bidwell
by James K. Palmer (Class of: 1958)
Oliver Bidwell passed away in 2010. He was one of the "Three B's" in Fresno. Pete Beiden, Bob Ben...
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FHS-The Best
by Patricia RICHARDS Kincheloe (Class of: 1956)
Having been born and for the most part raised in Fresno, I found myself back in Nov. 1954. Talk abou...
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The Shock Of Being The New Kid At Fresno High
by Bill Nankee (Class of: 1977)
I remember my parents telling me that we were going to move to Fresno. I asked the question where is...
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1976 loved it
by James Hazel (Class of: 1976)
Senior year 1976... classes and working at McDonalds, Judo, my 69 purple Camero, Great Teachers, Gre...
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Mr. Woods...shop teacher
by Gary Penir (Class of: 1968)
My first day of high school was 10th grade metal shop with Mr. Woods. He was a wirey, tough WWII vet...
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When Everything Became Different
by Synthia "Sue" Quan (Class of: 1966)
John Vandiver is correct about November 1963. How could anyone be the same after that. We've moved...
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My Best Memories were of Marching Band in 1976-1977.
by Shelley "Humpert" Higgs (Class of: 1979)
My mother was an alumni of Fresno High and my brother as well, so of course I was going to Fresno Hi...
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35 Years Ago...
by Michelle Neumann Grawey (Class of: 1975)
2010 marks the 35th year since the Class of 1975 graduated from the "School of Champions." Many mem...
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