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Earthquake Ruins Auditorium
by Arnold Joyal (Class of: 1955)
I just noticed a post from Bob Andresen who remembered the earthquake that closed the auditorium as ...
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by Claudia Carbajal (Class of: 2008)
I was a freshman on the year of 2004 and I remember I was so exited to be in such a beautiful school...
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FHS Iroquois Lettermens Club
by James Palmer (Class of: 1958)
Does the Iroquois Lettermens Club still exist at FHS?
To the best of my knowledge upon receiving an...
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rejoining my friends
by Sandra Barton (Class of: 1979)
When I graduated from Fort Miller junior high I was sent to McLane when my best friends were going t...
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Skinniest Legs
by Mary Jane Cope-Fitzpatrick (Class of: 1969)
Oh the anguish of mini-skirts and my legs. How much time did I invest in the worry about my little "...
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The Streak
by Donald R.Villane (Class of: 1977)
I'm sorry to everyone who thinks that the streak took place in 1975 0r 1976,but you're wrong. It to...
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English - Part II
by David Firth (Class of: 1968)
The English teacher who loved Frank Sinatra was Mr. Capriola. I was in his Senior Literature class,...
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by Sherry Schmall Popejoy (Class of: 1961)
I have such good memories, and after graduating became best friends with two classmates I hardly new...
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Last Dawn of the Decade Breakfast
by Margy Becker (Class of: 1970)
The Dynasty organized a breakfast up at Millerton Lake on December 31, 1969, calling it the Last Daw...
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Senior Assembly Becomes Protest
by Bob Speer (Class of: 1960)
Jackie Garo asked why the assembly stopped. My memory is that it had to do with the fact that the sc...
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I ditched most classes, but always went to drama
by Reina Taylor (Class of: 1992)
I was famous for ditching almost all of my classes, all of the time. Lots of people loved to ditch ...
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by Jim Hardcastle (Class of: 1971)
I remember, with fondness, my involvement in Miss. Seibert's drama class. And the many hours I spent...
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slave sale
by Jim Merzon (Class of: 1960)
Follow up to Jackie Garo's story---remember the slave sale? I think it was Mel Brown and Bes Lewis'...
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art service
by Olga M. Martinez (Class of: 1966)
I just remember that it was my senior year and I was new to Fresno High. I had gone to school at Ke...
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Correction For (Old Friend) Arnold Joyal
by Robert Andresen (Class of: 1955)
Thought you wrote a great story Arnold, with
one exception. The earthquake that ruined o...
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