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by maricela martinez (Class of: 1968)
I had an English teacher who always played Frank Sinatra music and somehow related it to our english...
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memories repeat themselves
by linda M. R. Nolen (Class of: 1976)
so many stories repeat when you have a school with the long history of Fresno High. The stolen pig i...
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the streak of 1975 graduation
by linda M. R. Nolen (Class of: 1976)
Tim Higuera had it a bit wrong, sorry dude! The streaker was already naked as he approached the stag...
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FHS swimming coach, Jack Skadden
by Jim King Palmer (Class of: 1958)
In 55 I went to FHS summer school. Algebra was first then a swimming class was ""cool"". I met Jack ...
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the pig game
by andrea (Class of: 2005)
i rember all the stuff that went on at the pig game that night.it was raining and cheer leading out...
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The smiling faces on the marketing academey teachers.
by michael scott garner (Class of: 2006)
I remember writing my first report in my marketing academey class and thinking that they were actual...
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senior year at mclane high
by kathy bushard (Class of: 1972)
We were the displaced senior class of 1972. We went to school in the afternoon at Mclane High whil...
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Long hair vacation...
by ED SHERWOOD (Class of: 1968)
I was warned about my hair touching my ears twice in a week (oh, my!), so I got sent to talk to Arth...
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Marketing Academy
by Delaine Zody (Class of: 2007)
I loved Jennifer Thompson's memory...yes, Jennifer, we remember you too in the Marketing Academy. W...
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what a memory
by stephanie renee lockhart (Class of: 1994)
It was my junior year and i had previous sports awards first team NYL catcher for 2 years big stick...
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The Marketing Academy
by Jennifer L. Thompson (Class of: 2001)
I remember being a freshmen and dreading the next year because I, along with many other sophmores, w...
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football games
by catherine hall (Class of: 2005)
it was the winter of 2004 when our football team made it to the divisons. it took them 33 years to d...
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Old Alumni, New Friends
by Elaine Eiko Tashima Weston (Class of: 1966)
Old Alumni, New Friends
By Elaine Eiko Tashima Weston
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thought I'd never make friends
by Catalina (Cathy) Garcia (Class of: 1998)
I can remember the day my parents told me i wasn't going to Hoover High School with all of my friend...
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They called him the "Streak"
by Timothy Higuera (Class of: 1976)
The first graduation from the new campus took place on the football field because the theater was no...
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