Does anyone else remember Pasco the motorcycle cop that sat out front?
Submitted by: Michael Rogers (class of 1957)
Date: 2/17/2013

There was a dirt lot across the street that we car nuts (A guy WAS one or 'suspect' then)parked our rods and sleds. A popular activity at noon was to cruise around and occasionally someone got a bit too noisy or fast and Pasco would detach himself from the adoring girls and ROAR after them. Girls considered him manly, we boys considered him "the man"--not a complimentary concept. There was a tolerated disrespect between us so his flashlight was 'relocated' from his bike and once his long antenna was tied into a knot and other embarrassments perpetrated upon him and his bike.
It was a innocent time and I don't ever recall ANYBODY arrested.
These days we'd all be considered 'terrorists'

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