Award winning Fresno High Marching Band
Submitted by: Michael L Kraemer (class of 1965)
Date: 10/21/2013

I joined the band in 1962. Not all of the student body realized the self discipline each member had to retain, not just the band members, the Letter girls,Majorettes and the Drum major . All of us had to prepare for competition marching, half time shows at football games, pep band for Basketball games, concerts for different holiday events and with all this some of us also where in the jazz band and the orchestra. In the three years I spent with the band I came out in '65 with all the confidence and self esteem I would ever need. In 1966 I went through Basic training, advance infantry training, Aeronautical Electronics, Jungle and Ranger school and training, Air Born Jump School, and 18 months in Viet Nam. I always looked forward to the Little Big game at Ratcliffe stadium, with the Majorettes, Letter girls, and the drum major, leading the Fresno High School Award Winning Marching Band with the Students and Staff Following, from FHS to the Stadium. Great times, a special thanks to Mr. Contenti, Mr. Miller and staff. They got me through high school and 6 years of training and War. Agent Orange from Viet Nam, has slowed me down with Heart disease, 9 bypasses, 12 stents, nerve and vascular surgery 6 times, Eye surgery x 2, Hearing loss and the every loving PTSD. FHS, God and my family keep me going. I have been blessed with my wife Carole of 44 years, two great sons Jon a Lt. at Avenal prison and Daron Lead Detective for the DA's office. Two daughters-in-law and 5 grand kids. I am twice retired for a total of 44 years of work and 31 surgeries since 1966. It all started with a Saxophone and a dream. God Bless, be safe and be good to one another. Mike Kraemer

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