The snuck in sign
Submitted by: mischa green (class of 1970)
Date: 2/28/2014

My friends and I were told not to take in any signs or pom-poms etc..into the football arena..

Well, I had put a lot of effort into a handpainted sign that was 8ft long and 3 ft wide..
It more or less said ..Go Warriors.. and go Issac Glass,
He was the star player at that time..at least for us..
We had it hidden under my clothing as it was cold and nobody saw it under my jacket..

We unrolled it around half-time...and we were yelling
and cheering loud..Go Issac Go..Go Warriors..
Well, he did laugh and wave to us..then the game got serious and we won!!

Years later I was working at the District Attorneys
Office here in Fresno, Ca.in the Intake area where we file in custody cases.
In walks Issac Glass, who had become a police officer
For FPD..
I was so surprised and also proud of him that he had become a cop...small world..as I never thought I'd be working for the court system..now I am retired and have that memory..
Mischa Green

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